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The Texas Rangers Heritage Center
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          Texans will soon have the opportunity to experience first-hand the history, the philosophy and the life experiences of one of Texas’ oldest institutions – the Texas Rangers – with the future Texas Rangers Heritage Center.

          Located on a scenic site on the banks of Baron's Creek in the Texas Hill Country, the future Texas Rangers Heritage Center will continue the efforts of the 113 year-old Former Texas Rangers Association’s commitment to preserving Ranger artifacts and history. Since 1936, the Association has maintained a display of Ranger artifacts in conjunction with the Trail Drivers and Pioneers at Memorial Hall in San Antonio to fulfill their mission and share these important artifacts with visitors. And now, with limited display space and no room for expansion, the Association has made the commitment to move where there will be sufficient space to share the Rangers’ story. With the help and support of the Former Texas Rangers Foundation, this worthwhile effort is being expanded to include much, much more to share with future generations of Texans with Fredericksburg’s Texas Rangers Heritage Center.

          Focusing on youth education, the Texas Rangers Heritage Center will contain Ranger artifacts, a library complete with Ranger archives, an auditorium for hosting seminars and programs, and an outdoor living history area. The highlight of the Center will be five interactive timeline exhibits that tell the story of the Texas Rangers beginning in 1823 with Stephen F. Austin swearing in the first Rangers and ending with today’s Texas Rangers. These exhibits will transport visitors back in history and allow them to experience every significant historical event that has made Texas what it is today and how the Texas Rangers have been an important part of each of these events.

          In honor of Rangers killed in the line of duty, the Center will feature a Ranger Ring of Honor memorial where visitors can pay their respects to these fallen Texas heroes. The memorial will feature a statue of a stone circle star measuring 25 feet in diameter with a 3’ wall surrounding the perimeter flanked by three flags – the American flag, the Texas flag and the Ranger flag. Prominently displayed on the wall will be plaques recognizing and honoring the deceased Rangers. 

          This comprehensive look at Texas history and the Rangers’ role in it will allow visitors to learn about the sacrifices that earlier generations made on their behalf – an important lesson, especially for children. Through the years, the Rangers, along with other law enforcement agencies, have granted Texans freedom from fear and they continue to do so today. The Texas Rangers Heritage Center will stand as a monument to the Ranger’s creed of, “No man in the wrong can stand up to a man in the right who keeps on coming.” And teach today’s children, the importance of the Texas Rangers and their philosophy.


Learn how you can help make the Texas Rangers Heritage Center a reality.

“Bricks, Badges and Courage:  A Legacy of Honor and Tradition”


All contributions to the foundation, including membership fees, are tax-deductible
because the foundation has 501(c)3 tax status.
For more information on the museum or to find out how to join the foundation contact:

Former Texas Ranger Foundation ~ P.O. Box 290229 ~ Kerrville, Texas 78029-0229 ~ 830-895-2262

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