Hill Country residents soon will have the Texas Rangers Heritage Center added to the list of tourist attractions and educational opportunities in this area.

Our Ranger Center will include an education center where students from schools across the state will be able to come and hear speakers, watch video presentations and participate in living history programs. A web-based educational outreach program will launch in 2010, giving access to 4th & 7th graders worldwide the opportunity to learn about the Texas Rangers without traveling to the Center.

The idea of building the Ranger Center began in 1999 when the need to have climate-controlled and fire suppression systems in the Association's current museum were not able to be completely updated. The Board of Directors then decided to embark on the Texas Rangers Heritage Center.

The property is located on the banks of Baron's Creek, situated between the historic Fort Martin Scott and the new Hill Country University Center in Fredericksburg, TX.

The Ranger Center will not only celebrate the heritage of Ft. Martin Scott and Fredericksburg, but will encourage regional heritage tourism. The Center will go hand-in-hand with the National Museum of the Pacific War and the Gillespie County Pioneer Museum as well as the historic Trails throughout the Hill Country.

Former Texas Rangers Association organized the placing of special markers on the graves of 33 Texas Rangers buried in the Center Point Cemetery, the largest number of Rangers buried anywhere in the state.

With the amount of Texas history in the Hill Country that's connected to the Texas Rangers, the Association felt Gillespie County would be the ideal location for the Ranger Center.

The Foundation's goal is to raise $8 million to build the Ranger Center at the historic Fort Martin Scott in Fredericksburg and create an endowment for future needs.

While we are looking for funds to complete the Capital Building Campaign, we are currently looking for volunteers to help us now and once the Ranger Center opens.



"Our main goal will be to provide a place where children can come learn about the Texas Rangers."

Griff Carnes
former director of the
State Association of Pioneers
Texas Trail Drivers

Former Texas Rangers Memorial Hall
and Museum in San Antonio next to the Witte Museum



For anybody interested in Texas and Texas Ranger history, this will be the place.

Each Foundation member will receive an official silver or gold-toned badge designating their personal rank in this elite organization. In addition, each new member will receive a framed certificate confirming their commission in the Former Texas Rangers Foundation and their name will be listed in a prominent location at the Ranger Center.


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